Hello everyone … I opened up this blog six years ago, but only now I’ve decided to keep it active. I am a 30 years old Ukrainian, living in Panama for 21 years.

I studied psychology, not because I would work as a psychologist, but because I wanted to understand how the world actually works, and as far as I know, psychology is applied to each and one of the situations that we live every day whether it is personal, family, work, etc.

I am one of those who think that it is better to know a little of everything, than 100% of a single issue, since you can expand knowledge at any time if necessary. I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunities to learn enough in different areas, not only work, but also personal. This, besides the languages i speak, has opened many doors for me in work and business without having to present a diploma, as my experience is very extensive in several areas such as graphic design, advertising, marketing, sales, administration, banking issues, etc. .. And I keep expanding my knowledge.

Today I’m opening up my company, VIP MultiServices, where I will focus on providing responsible service without any conflicts to clients who have already had enough problems with other companies. Listening to complaints about poor service and fraud, and being one of the victims so many times, I decided to write this blog, analyzing and sharing my experiences, opinions and conclusions about different topics, both positive and negative, which now day affect our coexistence on this planet.

I’m sure that many people around the world will identify with my publications, and at least will not feel alone, as many are afraid to confront and share their experiences.

Let the show begin ..!



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