Crime and childbirth with no control …

Watching the news this morning, they were discussing an issue that is currently affecting all Panama. The crime is growing so fast every day where the protagonists are the kids.

The laws of this country protect the minors and therefore there is no punishment for those children who commit crimes with illegal guns and are hired to kill precisely because they are immune. When a child grows up in this kind of environment, it is no longer a healthy child, he perfectly understands what he is doing and why. Having examples such as his family and social circle, they learn that and more.
What about the parents? Put aside the cases where parents are also involved in crime. Let’s talk about healthy people who work for minimum wage and come home late at night. They do not have the time to raise their children or spend quality time with them. The question is, why give birth to a child who can not be educated and treated as it should? Why kill a lot of cats to prevent overpopulation when they are completely harmless, but do not control the birth rate of poor people who give birth to creatures which will end up being a danger to our society?
Why not to impose a policy of population control (as in some countries) in neighbourhoods where this is one of the biggest problems? And forget about education .. some people will never learn to use protection if they grew up acting without thinking about consequences. All methods of protection are widely known, they talk about it everywhere .. it’s just that they do not care.

The new fashion trend is to see uniformed and pregnant teenagers. I am totally shocked to see that nowadays they make uniforms for pregnant girls and let them to continue studying in the same institution as if this were the most normal thing ever, giving an example to the other girls. What a shame, so far we’ve come! You got pregnant because you are an ignorant person? You think you’re already old enough to have sex? Then go to work and take care of your child, but don’t poison other girl’s minds (healthy, at least for now). Giving benefits to those people only increases these cases because they feel protected and continue doing what they please. I imagine there are eternally pregnant girls giving birth each year.

Regarding to rape, I am supporting abortion, but there are so many people whom religion has rotten their minds, forcing girls and women to give birth because abortion is a “sin” . Ignorant you people! They have not thought about what will it be of that creature when born and grown up.

We need to apply sanctions and control for these people so they don’t affect the rest of us who struggle to raise our children.



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